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April 7, 2009

Analyzing Search Engine Results keeping  target reach is difficult. There are some many aspects to look at it.

Yesterday my friend Sudhindra was speaking to me about certain targeted and non-targeted areas in the online space. The query which he came up was that how many people do access Article Marketing database and how many access News Release Directories.

Similarly many people might have similar thoughts, but i guess the logic is pretty clear.. Any search gives you Blended search results. When a user searches for anything, he never looks into whether the search is been found on Article directory or a News release directory. He just keys in the query and looks for relevant information to the search query. Hence it does really mean that people only look at Article directories or the news Release directories. In fact, its our lookout to identify what the user is looking for and based upon also identify the most popular platforms to get hooked up. Based on this analysis we should decide what source to be chosen.

I would say Search Engine follows  a centralized information system. Hence it helps any user to find any kind of results from any part of the world. Of course, there are some advance features for a user to enhance the search experience. The point here is we have so many platforms which has opened opportunities for brands and industries to publish and post their content anywhere in the online space. But one should still follow the basics of SEARCH. As the entire exchange of information in the online space is possible only through search engines and their procedures.

In another incident I met a gentleman from a very reputed agency, Infact i was presenting few ideas of distributing content across the internet space, So I mentioned about a news sharing platform DIGG. Immediately I was asked about the target audience available in DIGG from India. I stated very clearly, that our only approach is get into search results because that is how the entire communication begins. Why do we worry about what platforms we are using to publish our information than thinking of positioning ourselves in the search engines. We should certainly look at Authority sites..

So as I said in my earlier posts, that, its the only basics which has evolved in different Facets of Communication.

No one can ignore or outrank the basics of Search Engine methods. Hence Social Media has evolved due to Search Engines & Authority Sites.


Everybody must be surprised who are these New Journalists of World Wide Web (WWW). Well lot of people has assumptions and predictions. But the fact lies is very soon bloggers will be known as the most powerful and sensible journalists online. So fasten your seat belt.

You can be a Blogger, provided if you are focused on what you are writing. Let me give a close comparison with our traditional journalists. Our traditional journalists are focused and they write on their chosen topic. For eg: they write on Entertainment, Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, Lifestyle, Celebrities, Engineering, Finance, Sports, retail, infrastructure etc. In conventional PR, we actually rely on these journalists for our client’s communication. We develop stories in the form of press releases and we get in touch with the respective journalists who write on the relevant industry. The journalists are very selective about their stories and write it based on the news provided to them.

The new journalists of WWW (World Wide Web) seem to be very close to them. A Blogger is focused about what he is writing and the kind of topic he chooses. They own a Blog which is itself a news aggregator and based on the individual Blog’s readership the news travels online. The only difference is 10 to 15 conventional journalists or editors work for one single News publication i.e Times of India, DNA, Indian Express. Yes, But, there are few journalists who do freelancing and they seem to be distributing their stories on multiple publications. A Blogger seems to have ownership of his/her News Publication i.e a Blog and has more than 10 million readerships sometimes. But it all depends on what is he/she is Blogging on. Well, again Blogging is not for everybody. I don’t say that you cannot become a blogger, but it all depends on what is your objective towards Blogging. There are many cases when I come across who say that I am a Blogger and they don’t have focus on what they write and how they write. Blogging also depends on how frequently you Blog and what kind of quality information does your Blog have. Blogging does not end in some time. Many new blogger s who have just thought of starting their Blog and, they sometimes feel that they will publish 50 to 60 articles and would gain good readership… that’s it… But the difficult part of being a genuine Blogger is to regularly post articles till your blog is up. There have been cases, where people have been Blogging for more than 6 years and they are still actively going on. Anyone who has a Blog does not naturally become a Blogger. There should be some focus and some objective towards Blogging. Earlier, Bloggers use to write just because they like writing just as we write our personal diaries. But it got evolved in the earlier years. Now, Blogging seems to an important part of information distribution channel. But this is many people’s assumption. Even though there has been no direct conclusion on it. We still seem to be very fond of bloggers and their writing. Because many a times its their self opinion which matters a lot to drive the influential marketing online. Lot of PR agencies or the Corporate have started relying on their opinions. Because the best part of a Blogger is he/she never writes or adds information as it is. Rather they take their own time to understand, perceive and then write on it in their own version & style. Now that sounds very interesting and very much realistic. But it works both the ways, most of the times positive and at times negative also as it is their personal opinion. But genuine bloggers do understand it well and come out with very logical and sensible opinions which drive lacs and lacs of traffic towards their Blog on daily basis and simultaneously to other destinations where the actual information belongs to

Why I chose to write about Bloggers being the most powerful journalists on WWW is because it very much connects to my old post – THE REAL TIME NEWS. As this particular post adds lot of value to it. After reading this post people might think that most of the information written in this post is towards Blogging. Absolutely NOT.. Sometimes you have to know the characteristics to understand a character.

The Real-Time News

January 2, 2009

In earlier days the delivery of information to the people was centralized. Where the PR and advertising professionals use to absorb all the important information and deliver it through their defined channel. The PR professionals and advertising professionals were in great demand and were considered to be the most important factor to any success of the business. The companies use to communicate all necessary information to the PR companies and the PR professionals would work towards getting a positively published articles in the renowned publications. After a consistent follow-up with the media and other related people of media such as journalists, editors, senior editors etc the relevant news use to appear after many weeks and months in the publications. But the instant news is instant news. If it appears after many weeks and months later then there would have been many developments in the news itself. But there was no other choice than following this way. This was a clear method of PR driven news. But the delivery of information has never been effective than reaching its consumers directly.

But now, ever since web has opened its arms towards multiple platforms in delivering information, the updates of information to the people has been decentralized. Web has enabled people to look for their own information in their own way and convenience. Hence WEB is becoming an important aspect in delivering information in real time to the consumers directly rather than taking rounds of Journalist’s offices and then the publishers. Sensible marketing and PR professionals should not wait for their old ways of delivering their client’s important and relevant news to the world. The space in the News publications and TV News slots are getting smaller day by day, hence getting difficult to publish client’s relevant news on time. But the clients are still fine, only because they get featured on prime publications and Prime News channels. But things are changing drastically. One should know that WEB allows anyone to publish news at real time.

Now some people who are new to technology and WEB marketing may have problems in understanding what is Real time News or Real time information. The Real time information is something I publish or I post on my website and it reflects immediately to the world. Let us take a clear and simple example. We watch cricket and when we don’t have access to Radio and TV we rely on websites like, because I regularly use Rediff for the cricket updates. You get ball to ball updates. How? Because somebody or technology at the other end is publishing updates regularly. Imagine 20,000 and more people accessing the same page and getting updates ball to ball. Don’t you think this technology is best than any other. Just imagine spending so much of time behind handful of journalists and waiting so many days for coverage to appear in the News publications, Trade Magazines etc. Do you think that in this cyber world its worth waiting to distribute valuable news to the consumers. Certainly not! I have seen many people at superior positions still access their day to day mails. That’s it!

I don’t say that we should not depend on News Publications and Electronic media. But why can’t we use an alternative medium also when it is available at convenience. It just needs a little more focus by marketing professionals and decision makers of the organizations. OH let me come back to the Real time News. Let’s take a real example of a Blog, a social Networking tool. What does it do they all distribute information in real time. The moment you update your personal info and click on publish button. Here we go. The whole new world is seeing what you have published. If your profile or any other information is interesting, you are surely going to get responses on it immediately.

For Example:

I access my Facebook account. I don’t do much on it. But I just update my status message regularly. The last message I updated was “Educating Indian Market on Digital PR” That’s it. Few unknown people whom I don’t know and they are not even my friends at all or not even added in my friends list started chasing me trying to contact me & asking, what kind of profession I am into and what kind of service do I offer. I think this is the best example of Online and Real time news. You have technology readily available to disburse information within seconds. It’s just we have to decide that when do we start doing it?

I am not trying to provoke anybody nor trying to brain wash. But I am giving a clear picture and insights of what WEB can do for us. The best way one could ask us is “what can we do for you”. Now it can be asked this way “what web can do for us”

In my next post i would introduce the new & most powerful Journalists of WEB who actually multiplies the disbursement of information in the world of WEB