Bhanuprakash – Digital Communication Professional

Managing the Digital & Interactive Team at HANMER MS&L, Mumbai, India for the past 2 years. A Digital PR Professional and a Social Media Manager, from India practicing Digital PR, Online Reputation Management & Search Engine Marketing, from past 3 years. An experience of over 8 years in Web & Multimedia and let my own Advertising & Web-Multimedia agency for 4 Years. Have the experience of working for many reputed brands, Celebrities such as Penguin Book Publishers, Shobhaa De, L’Oreal and Star Network. I write articles engaging Digital PR & Social Media for Brand Promotion and enhancing Brand values using Online expertise.

Having strong expertise in using Web related tools with a logical approach towards any Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns, I focus on building Digital Strategies for any Brand, Service or an individual and then engaging further with effective online campaign.

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You can even follw my blog for new insights of Indian Social Media

More About Me :

Had a vibrant, exciting, robust & diverse career in the Online Communications & Information Technology. Started my career as a web developer, designer, and then shifted to Digital Communications. Explored the communication field to the core and have an extra ordinary capability of generating ideas using the knowledge gained. Have an experience of 8 years in Web & multimedia in which also led an Advertising & Web-Multimedia agency for 4 years. My entrepreneurial tenure led me to understand & develop the Corporate and Brand building process in a much closer & in a better way.

In addition to technical skills, had been managing & leading projects and teams to answer business requirements and problems. This included strategizing, implementing & managing brand related activities such as SEO Campaigns, Online Digital Programs, Websites, Presentations, Audio/Video clips, corporate films, animated presentations etc.

In my present role of a Digital & Interactive department manager, I have been actively involved in interacting with clients for the requirements ranging from their online presence to the brand recognition in the online platform. I believe that every client’s requirement may sound same, but there has to be a unique approach for each and every client, depending on the target group, and resources available/provided.

And as a strong back up support to my work profile, I have a strong presence in online world in social media networks, Bookmarking sites & Blogosphere. My Blog which is already quite popular with social media fraternity deals with engaging Digital Communications & Social Media Marketing for brand promotion and enhancing brand values using online expertise. I have been active in the Social media/Blog meetings & actively interacted with many regular and reputed bloggers/Social media Personals. Bearing an inherent quality of a good team leader, I manage my team quite well for the projects to deliver the best.

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6 Responses to “Author’s Profile”

  1. monicaarun Says:

    Hi Bhanu,

    this site is really very nice and useful for us too even we can shared with our collegues and forward it to them grt yaar.


    so keep it up

  2. Jignesh Says:

    Hi Bhanu,
    Nice Site. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jatin Sanghadia Says:

    I am doing a project on Social Media Marketing and would like to speak with you to gain some insights into its implementation through various media. Your blog has been quite informative.

    Kindly let me know how soon we can connect.

  4. log splitters Says:

    This is absolutely Awesome information having writing and many thanks to bing search engine pick up me on here. I loved reading your posting and added to the book marks. The views you tried to place up was clearly understandable. My husband also appreciated after reading this post. Let me go through for more sooner.

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