Friends for Benefits

October 11, 2010

India has started embracing Social Media quantitatively and not qualitatively. Every brand or marketer is behind gathering fans on Facebook & followers on Twitter. Is this all about Social Media or there is more to it? I am sure many of us have this question in our minds.

To be frank, the number of people who follow a brand on Twitter or “like” the brand’s  Facebook page is not as important as the amount and quality of the interactions with them.

I always keep a close eye on the insights section of every page I manage on Facebook. I am really not interested in seeing the growth of the page “likes”. All I want to know is the number of people active in participation & conversations. That’s valuable to me.

What’s the use of having a lac of people on my Facebook page who are not at all equally active. I have also observed many such pages where the page likes are higher, but the amount of conversations compared are too low.

However, it is not an easy task to even manage the conversations with too many people. It is imperative to realize how important is to equally manage the conversations.

During the course of gathering likes and Followers, we often miss out to understand the importance of managing conversations. It is also seen that many marketers tend to be lazy in responding to queries and comments on Social networks,  just because they have achieved their  desired set of likes or followers.  Ideally the calculation works differently here, the more number of people or followers you gather, one needs to be extra proactive in responding queries and comments. Because, the more fans or followers, high chances to facing negativity. This is because growing your fan base too quickly may be setting you up for a situation where customers with higher and higher expectations are feeling ignored.

The social media manager might even get pressurized if the desired responses are not been sent on time and can lead to bad reputation or ignorance on behalf of a brand. Hence, it is recommended that gradual growth of your friends and followers always helps you to understand your friends or consumers effectively and will lead to active conversational environment.

The most important aspect of managing social media is to enable conversations and not just to gather followers and fans. Many of my marketing or communication friends might not agree to me. The fact lies as it is… and conversations are always untouched! Wonder why?

The real power of Social Media lies in Personalization & not Monetization!

Too much of benefit out of your friends can lead to effecting Brand’s personification



2 Responses to “Friends for Benefits”

  1. jane_demel Says:

    I think most SEO techniques are a waste of time. Nothing beats good content and genuine backlinks

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