How to Gather fans to your Community?

August 8, 2010

I have been absconding from Blogging for few months and it seems I have found an excellent reason to come back again. I have always felt, there has to be a lot of thought process involved in understanding our consumers, especially in Social Media Marketing. Its been more than 6 months that I had stopped blogging. The only reason behind it was to know more about Social Media Marketing practically.

In last 6 months+ I have handled more than 7 clients and every where there was one common problem i.e how to build people around a particular community. There are many things other than that but, it is imperative to start of with it for any new entrant in the Social Media space.

Amongst all this exercise, I have realized one important thing around Community Building, is to identify your target audience and approach them first. The best way to achieve this is to furnish the social URLs especially Facebook & Twitter on your Business cards, Carry Bags in retail outlets, Pamphlets, websites, Emailers which links back to the Facebook page or Twitter Channel. This is the best cross media referencing available to gather your customers first.

Agreed!.. That one needs to build their community or one needs to be where people are. But, we should always begin our first step with our customers. Its a common sense to keep our customers happy first and new customers will follow. Similarly, it is imperative to keep our customers in touch not through intrusive approach. But, there should be some need where the customer comes back to you or wishes to engage with you regularly.

Loyalty programs are the best place to gather our customers to our Communities (eg: Facebook Page, Group, Orkut Community, Twitter Followers). One gets a major chunk of their customers involved in the loyalty programs and what best option could be, than a loyalty program. Most of the marketers fail to understand this logic and they always end up searching or gathering new people.

Keeping the current technology or logic of any Social Networking, if we are able to gather our customers first on our communities, there is a proportionate impact or influence to their individual networks, which drives new followers regularly.

Once, you gather your customers at one place, what should one do to engage them? That’s an interesting question! You may find many marketers have been using contests, polls, quizzes regularly to engage them. But, it will be very soon saturating. Hence, one needs to integrate an online and offline event in order to extend the engagement process and humanize it further.


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