Social Media Optimization – The Tedious Part

October 6, 2009

Social media tools for socialites that is becoming increasingly popular is the internet. Reasons could be many, but main one is the content generated by the users which is directly from the public. Social networking sites and very popular with the users, and plenty of them can be found online. They are free to use and are advanced in technology. The concept of social media optimization utilizes such forms of media for increasing your website popularity and value. As a form of online marketing strategy, it is also a part of functions carried out by the search engine optimizers. Optimization of your content by keyword is crucial here. Make sure you update your content on regular basis. Do not forget to use apt keywords and phrases, but stay within limits and do not over stuff your content. When starting SMO, you should submit your main site to as many social networking sites as possible. Social Media Optimization requires lots of effort and hard work, similar to Search Engine Optimization. One will not be able to craft web space and presence without being patient and hard working. It is the unlimited web presence offered to the website optimizers, that is the main advantage of social networking sites. To increase business popularity, Social Media optimizers can use its name and reputation. Some use a fictional name for this purpose, which is also OK. We can therefore craft a profile of our virtual and non-existing person, but it should be avoided if possible. No matter what name you use, it is crucial that your profile shows strong background and experience in the required field of business. The most common cause of the marketing tools and techniques failure is inadequate exposure to the business that is being promoted which later leads to brand anonymity. It is very important these days that marketing is done in proper and continuous manner. Promoting is very difficult with a new business, but if you do it in a planned manner you can have really good results. Online business, in order to be successful, needs you to put a lot of work and effort. Many optimizers have agreed that social media optimization is a good option for effective website optimization.

Social Media Optimization also involves a clear strategy of the specific tool adoption. Sometimes, the selection of tools are very important more than the Social Media approach. The selections of tools directs us towards a clear goal of reaching our target audience and this has to be planned to what is the overall reach one is looking at. In some cases this is tedious in nature ensuring every tool is connected to each other to ensure a seamless content distribution. But there are some tools such as Friendfeed, Facebook, Tubemogul which helps content dissemination easier.

There has been a significant evolution with the current tools which have come up with more integration options. Thus, hoping to similar evolutions in future which will make things more organized and smoother for any Social Media Programs


12 Responses to “Social Media Optimization – The Tedious Part”

  1. Aarti Says:

    very useful piece of information…liked it! 🙂

  2. Nicholson J. Says:

    This is classical in terms of seo. Nada seems to rag upon them compared to this!Coincidentally, this is exactly was forewarned about some years ago at the big hack con about search engine optimization in 1993.

  3. Von Woodford Says:

    This blog is great. How did you come up witht he idea?

  4. Thanks for this great blog. i found your blog on yahoo and find it is very useful.

  5. Adam Mcinroy Says:

    This is an interesting blog you have her but I can’t seem to find the RSS subscribe button.

  6. I think that without a doubt social media is changing the landscape for advertisers. Twitter, facebook, blogs, video, etc is a way to speak to consumers and not just at them.

  7. i might not have suspected this was interesting a few years in the past yet its interesting the way age alters the manner by which you see several creative ideas, thanks for the article it is actually relaxing to browse through some thing intelligent once in a while in lieu of the normal trash mascarading as blogs and forums on the web,im buzzing to play with some zynga poker chips cheers 🙂

  8. Is it worth it to submit to a new web directory with PR 0? Yes. It would not hurt the search engine rankings of your site, but if done in the right manner. Submission of your web portal in a wrong manner even in case of a PR 5 web directory may hurt your link profile. Such web directories shall help you to gain more and more inbound links every week. Obviously, PR of most of the successful directories would rise with time, so do not worry much about it, you simply think that you are having One-Way backlinks for your portal totally free, without paying an extra dime.

  9. Why has there been so much in the news lately about bloggers and blogging? Political blogs have been very much in the news in the last year or so. Blogs of several different biases have spread news that was at first ignored by the mainstream media, and in some cases this led to embarrassment and retirement of public figures. Since many people on different sides have a low opinion of the mainstream media these days, many have turned to blogs for their news. Also, the mainstream media has begun picking up stories from blogs for their own use.

  10. been visiting your blog around three days. absolutely love your posts. btw i am doing study regarding this topic. do you know other blogs or perhaps online forums in which I can get more information? thanks a ton.

  11. nice information! regards!

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