Bad Practices Using Social Media | Social Media Marketing

April 20, 2009

Gifts & Prizes are no more special to anyone.  In India, Marketers have started misusing Social Media for their own benefits. I keep coming across many new blogger contests, where they have started giving prizes for tweeting and writing about their brand in their blogs. Well I would like to refer the recent one which I just came across organized by and The way they have communicated about the blogger contest is truly commercial and intentional. Hmmmmm…. Why are marketers trying to spoil and control this medium.

Why can’t marketers leave it to a blogger to write whatever he or she feels about. Why are marketers making it more obligatory to write positive about them.

Prizes, Money and expensive gifts do spoil people’s mind and their skills. But one has to understand and make their own decision, whether to support these acts or discourage these acts. Believe me, being in a controlled messaging world, I feel social media is a place where one can express his or her views openly without any hassles.

I recently came across few blogger communities who are equally supporting these acts. Please guys.. why can’t we keep these communities clean and not handover ourselves to these selfish motives.

Certainly, there are other marketers who understand the value of Blogs and other Social Media Platforms, who see that they don’t loose out the essence of this platform. I would term Social Media as People’s Media.

So let people decide what is wrong and what is right and not try to influence them with Gifts & Prizes. Of course, there can be gratifications, but there should not be any motive behind it.

Needless to say, this shows that how valuable our comments and our suggestions are.  They do get considered, which certainly acts as Word of Mouth (WOM) publicity. There can be few aspects to look at it :

  1. Wants to share information about their brand
  2. Wants to distribute information across multiple channels
  3. Wants to conduct a survey through Bloggers
  4. Wants people to review their product
  5. Wants to build direct relationship with the consumers
  6. Wants to observe or keep a close eye on how a product is performing
  7. Wants to be more transparent about their functionality and their operations
  8. Considering the fact that online users are far more powerful than the people behind using traditional news items such as Publications and electronic media, so caring about online users is justified

Only these are possibilities due to why one wants to invite Bloggers or run a social Media campaign or there can be some detailed reasons from the above.

All others could end up tampering an individual’s opinion and views.  So friends, lets not get influenced with these worthless Gifts and Prizes which influences us to tweak our thoughts and opinions.


11 Responses to “Bad Practices Using Social Media | Social Media Marketing”

  1. *KHUSHI* Says:

    hmm.. good info , specially for me . thanks a lot for sharing this ideas and thoughts with us.

  2. aksanil Says:

    do you think people will buy the service which is bad rated…
    there is the basic and practical rule of marketing “To reach your end user with positive feedback and no matter what its cost if you want to survive in today’s cut throat competition”

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      @aksanil. Well my article relates to a new media which is known as Online Social Media, where we are talking Bloggers & other social platforms. My Article is purely towards a non marketing media. Well I do agree to a general marketing strategy. Social Media is a place where people are present by their will and not by any marketing activity. This is a place where there will be no advertisements played and interrupt them. Everything accepted, viewed based on an individuals interest. Moreover, information distributed is true and not tampered, unlike the traditional methods of Marketing. I think you can be very clear of what this media all about, only if you read my posts from the beginning. But I am not denying the fact that you mentioned about Traditional way of marketing. Of course, one has perform different tactics, but people are running away from it. The old rules of marketing are getting saturated. I am sure.. you must be aware of this fact. Hence when a new media is open, why cant we act as it is needed, than imposing our old ways of marketing.

  3. aksanil Says:

    Bhanu i read ur article completely and appreciate ur thought. My comment was on “Why are marketers making it more obligatory to write positive about them.” because they cant bear the negative feedback Yes u r right that Social Media is a place where people are present by their will and not by any marketing activity but today Marketers have also invaded this media definitely for their own benefit…

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      @aksanil……OK.. Well Marketers have realized the reach and the effect of this medium, hence they are taking extra precautions to be present there.. Moreover, in one way they are also forced to get into it, b’coz of its reach and the viral effect. Today when there are more than 30 million users online only in India, things are moving faster than expected. Moreover, the conversion ratio and the number of people getting influenced is higher than the traditional media. The first thing what people would do is google and then search for the review or an article on that particular product, service, identity, influencing others in the same chain. All this has been proven with hardcore reports and clear conversational statistics. These are just not “clicks”, but the real conversations happening online. But in such a tight scenario, marketers are getting more and more serious in tapping this medium. Hence, trying to control this medium or trying to tweak the real information with obligatory practices will surely backfire them.

  4. aksanil Says:

    well i think invading the social medium is not only b’coz of its reach and the viral effect (yes it is there) but also that today we have restricted them(marketers) to reach us like we dont have enough time to sit in front of tv and watch promotional adv., we hv registered our mobile in DOD and our spam folder having more emails than inbox have. and marketing is the phenomenon of creating new strategies to reach the audience if audience will close one door than a marketers must have to find out a new door or create a new one…..for his survival…..and u mentioned that 30 million users online only in India than what about the rest of the world….so it is not weird if they are paying something and in return attracting a huge crowd which is not possible in traditional medium, more specifically it is the most economically and cheapest medium to reach the end user.

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      Exactly…But it does not mean that if a door is closed, we follow the same tactics on some other door too. We will have to change our style and do what the customer likes about..Hence the Approach towards Social Media is very different than the Traditional Marketing approach. Yes one has to achieve what is being invested, but the approach needs to be different. I would also like to add very clearly..For EgL That a real Blogger would never write to what he is been influenced to write. He will always write what he feels about it.

      Also : For Eg: Just b’coz one bought an expensive Glares, you cant wear it at night.. 🙂

      Well its just a Buyers Market and no more a sellers Market. So we should follow what people are looking for and just not what we are looking for. If we reach their expectations, naturally your brand will reach to heights. Needless to say…everything is in front of us. We ourselves are evident, but we still look for answers… I am sure. this conversation will certainly become an eye opener to everyone…..

      Best Buzz word we hear : Permission Based Marketing 🙂

  5. aksanil Says:

    yeah i got a new term PBM (Permission Based Marketing)…

  6. People don’t trust the bloggers that undermine their authority and experience by accepting bribes. As soon as a community of online netizens finds out that a blogger sold out, they put him or her out, in my experience. Nice post.

  7. Sudhindra Says:

    With great blog comes great responsibility!!!

    A blogger can not accept bribe and write about it, as soon as his readers get to know that, he will be out of their list!!

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