ROI | Return on Investment | India Social Media | Overview on Social Media Marketing

April 3, 2009

Does it really needed in Social Media marketing ? Some say yes and some say no.. and some say don’t know….. I have been to a summit in India where people were discussing only about ROI, before even considering social media as one of additional tool for marketing the brands.

Why do we always think about the benefits first before even planting trees. In my older posts, I had mentioned about the ROI in the internet advertising model, where CPC, CTR are all involved. Those days have gone. Many dot companies have earned a lot and they are still earning. But the entire business model is changing.  It is driving towards more realistic evidences than calculating the number of clicks. I don’t even know who clicked my Ad, whether the user is worth my product or not.

We all know the great internet jobs, “Sit at home and just click the ADs” and the money will be transferred to your respective accounts. I am sure in the near future all these activities will phase out and it will take a very realistic turn in the internet industry, where the marketers will pay for the activities which are really worth.

Many people are still misguiding the marketers, Brand managers by getting ROI (Return on Investment ) into picture for Social Media. Why do we still get into number of clicks, visitor statistics etc..  It is so evident that we are getting real conversations, real comments, and user written reviews on the products. Is that not enough!!!… Let us take the screenshots of the real conversations happening on social platforms and consider it as the real evidences towards our product. Is this logic so difficult to understand by any Internet Marketing  Professional ? I am sure it is a great attempt to misguide the Brands and their associated people.

But things are pretty clear nowadays. As Social Media is evolving, things are drastically changing in India Markets, where more and more people getting inclined towards Social Media Marketing.

As they feel that there is no better platform available. But good things always come with great responsibilities.  We need to be more serious and sincere in our conversations. Be more transparent, be more open minded in sharing information. Try pushing your brand to people directly and then rest assured, if dealt sincerely. Rest people will push your brand across the world. This is the mantra of Social Media.

Its like “Jo Dar Gaya, Samjho Mar Gaya”. So dont fear, just reply….and talk to people…


6 Responses to “ROI | Return on Investment | India Social Media | Overview on Social Media Marketing”

  1. Daren Alsten Says:

    Great post! I’m always finding useful things on this blog. Thanks again – I’ll be subscribing to this RSS feed!

  2. Ruth Says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  3. Isabelle Says:

    I totally understand your frustration and love the part where you say “why do we think about the benefits even before planting the tree.”

    But if you think about it from the client’s perspective, it’s all about agenda. How do we account to the client if they only have 5 minutes to read the report, and how can our clients account to their bosses if their bosses have only 5 minutes to read a report on the success of a campaign. The more layers in an organization that you have to go through, the more there is a need for ROI justification. And many a times, to justify their efforts, agencies and digital practitioners dish out meaningless ROI indicators.

    I like to think of ROI from the other side of the coin – the COI (ie the cost of inactivity). What are they loosing out to their competition if they do not listen. Perhaps by explaining the COI, the challenges of an ROI might make alot of sense to the ole farts who insist on having a qualitfible ROI when there is none?

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      hi.. thanks for the response..yes.. i totally agree with you.. i will certainly answer your question in a much balanced manner. surely….

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      @Isabelle….. Well its not frustration or love.. But i am trying to keep it very straight forward and blunt. I understand ROI is important for any business. But I have been addressing a discussion in India, who just started to entertain Social Media or Digital Communications in India. My article was addressing to one of the Social Media summit in Mumbai which I had attended, where all the top marketing professionals & Advertising gurus were just discussing about ROI rather than discussing how Digital Communications or Social Media would help enhancing their brand values. How can we adopt it and etc etc..

      Well.. Let me come to your point. I understand there are many layers which you have to cross. But don’t you think that we can certainly change the way we look at it, if we take an initiative of changing things the way it is. Being a digital Professional, i have been to similar problems, which you addressed it in your comment. But I am trying to change the way it is. Well there is no fixed rule for anything, it is we who accepted the way you see it now. We can certainly take a step on it. When we are dealing with Social web, we need to be very clear and straight to our clients. It’s no more a round about communication. we will be dealing with real people and they don’t give us a second chance. It’s the time to get more serious about participating in online conversations and not just counting the cookies.. What I am trying to say is it’s not just ROI, but to be more focused in Listening to those conversations and managing the brand’s reputation.

      In India, People are more inclined to criticism than taking the first move towards any new media. Here marketers believe in Proven methods of Marketing. So they are very resistant in accepting the new media.

      Let me share an example with you: I have been handling a client who is into Television channel. When we first met them for the online communications, they were very hesitant and not at all serious about it. They had everything on their website, such as Discussion boards, Blog, Polls etc, but what we educated them for 2months was to come out where people are and not just expecting people to come to their site and discuss about their brand. Why would people do that. They would do it where like minded people are such as on social platforms. We were very blunt and straight about what we said to even their top official, ofcourse, there were layers but we requested them to ask their decision makers to be in the meeting so that we can communicate the right thing to them, so that they understand the seriousness of it. Of course, it took some time, but we succeeded. So its all upto us how we handle it. When we are dealing with social media, sometimes we will have to stop being a PR, Advertising & Marketing professionals and act in the perspective of the end consumers. I am sure that will certainly make some difference in our communications which we address it to the client. My perspective and views are very much towards Indian Market.

      I really liked the term which you mentioned : “Cost of Inactivity” , I would like to certainly write an article on this term, and will surely add your credits there. I am sure this will certainly add lot of value to our contribution towards Social Media.

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