We have always been discussing how can we promote a brand or an identity. But we never thought of how to manage a current one. I am referring to a fact which I just came across – Domino’s Pizza.  I just saw a video of Domino’s Pizza on Youtube. Firstly, I would say, this was a deliberate attempt to spoil the image of the company.  Everyone is just talking about the video, but no one talked about “WHY”, it could be many social reasons. This could have been because of a personal misunderstanding of that particular outlet. I would say no one would do it deliberately. Well I am not in favor of these offenders, but I am just trying to look at different perspective. We might have problems with our manager, supervisors etc, this might also lead negative effects to a particular brand. We always discussed that Social Media is useful for HR, but now its time to take it seriously. Handling our own people and keeping them happy is the most important thing one should look at it. Moreover, earlier people use to talk bad about their managers, companies etc. But now they also have a platform to express their feelings and also look at damaging a Brand’s image.


We always look at satisfying the external audience, but sometimes it becomes very important to also attend our internal Audience. The Domino’s Pizza act  clearly brings out the inefficiency of the employer to satisfy the needs of the employees.

There can be some more reasons :

  • Just for Fun without understanding the repercussions of their Act
  • Dealt with rude Customers

This clearly states that every employee should also be trained or explained about what kind of possible acts they should not perform during work hours which might bring the brand into negative image.

What does a Brand do ?  when they come across such a nuisance… Depends on what industry you are. A Brand should be more careful if their industry deals with the customers directly, such as Entertainment Industry, Food Industry, FMCG Industry and many more similar to it. When there is a direct relation with the customers, the Brand should be more cautious about customer service, Customer problems & complaints. A Brand should be proactive enough to deal with these problems. Certainly it will always help to troubleshoot the unexpected damages.

Social Media does help the employers to spot out many new unexpected problems, and accordingly a Brand or an Employer should be proactive enough to handle it immediately.

crisis-pr-online-crisis-pr-social-media-marketingBut I appreciate the Domino’z Pizza CEO who proactively shot a video for the consumers and apologized it. Certainly the damage has already happened to the Brand, but its a learning for everyone. But we should really appreciate the CEO of Domino’s Pizza for his wise act and showing concern. I think every brand should take these kind of acts very seriously and engage themselves in monitoring conversations online and take necessary precautions for unexpected problems.


Gifts & Prizes are no more special to anyone.  In India, Marketers have started misusing Social Media for their own benefits. I keep coming across many new blogger contests, where they have started giving prizes for tweeting and writing about their brand in their blogs. Well I would like to refer the recent one which I just came across organized by Indiblogger.in and Peppysophia.com. The way they have communicated about the blogger contest is truly commercial and intentional. Hmmmmm…. Why are marketers trying to spoil and control this medium.

Why can’t marketers leave it to a blogger to write whatever he or she feels about. Why are marketers making it more obligatory to write positive about them.

Prizes, Money and expensive gifts do spoil people’s mind and their skills. But one has to understand and make their own decision, whether to support these acts or discourage these acts. Believe me, being in a controlled messaging world, I feel social media is a place where one can express his or her views openly without any hassles.

I recently came across few blogger communities who are equally supporting these acts. Please guys.. why can’t we keep these communities clean and not handover ourselves to these selfish motives.

Certainly, there are other marketers who understand the value of Blogs and other Social Media Platforms, who see that they don’t loose out the essence of this platform. I would term Social Media as People’s Media.

So let people decide what is wrong and what is right and not try to influence them with Gifts & Prizes. Of course, there can be gratifications, but there should not be any motive behind it.

Needless to say, this shows that how valuable our comments and our suggestions are.  They do get considered, which certainly acts as Word of Mouth (WOM) publicity. There can be few aspects to look at it :

  1. Wants to share information about their brand
  2. Wants to distribute information across multiple channels
  3. Wants to conduct a survey through Bloggers
  4. Wants people to review their product
  5. Wants to build direct relationship with the consumers
  6. Wants to observe or keep a close eye on how a product is performing
  7. Wants to be more transparent about their functionality and their operations
  8. Considering the fact that online users are far more powerful than the people behind using traditional news items such as Publications and electronic media, so caring about online users is justified

Only these are possibilities due to why one wants to invite Bloggers or run a social Media campaign or there can be some detailed reasons from the above.

All others could end up tampering an individual’s opinion and views.  So friends, lets not get influenced with these worthless Gifts and Prizes which influences us to tweak our thoughts and opinions.

Search Social Media

April 7, 2009

Analyzing Search Engine Results keeping  target reach is difficult. There are some many aspects to look at it.

Yesterday my friend Sudhindra was speaking to me about certain targeted and non-targeted areas in the online space. The query which he came up was that how many people do access Article Marketing database and how many access News Release Directories.

Similarly many people might have similar thoughts, but i guess the logic is pretty clear.. Any search gives you Blended search results. When a user searches for anything, he never looks into whether the search is been found on Article directory or a News release directory. He just keys in the query and looks for relevant information to the search query. Hence it does really mean that people only look at Article directories or the news Release directories. In fact, its our lookout to identify what the user is looking for and based upon also identify the most popular platforms to get hooked up. Based on this analysis we should decide what source to be chosen.

I would say Search Engine follows  a centralized information system. Hence it helps any user to find any kind of results from any part of the world. Of course, there are some advance features for a user to enhance the search experience. The point here is we have so many platforms which has opened opportunities for brands and industries to publish and post their content anywhere in the online space. But one should still follow the basics of SEARCH. As the entire exchange of information in the online space is possible only through search engines and their procedures.

In another incident I met a gentleman from a very reputed agency, Infact i was presenting few ideas of distributing content across the internet space, So I mentioned about a news sharing platform DIGG. Immediately I was asked about the target audience available in DIGG from India. I stated very clearly, that our only approach is get into search results because that is how the entire communication begins. Why do we worry about what platforms we are using to publish our information than thinking of positioning ourselves in the search engines. We should certainly look at Authority sites..

So as I said in my earlier posts, that, its the only basics which has evolved in different Facets of Communication.

No one can ignore or outrank the basics of Search Engine methods. Hence Social Media has evolved due to Search Engines & Authority Sites.

Does it really needed in Social Media marketing ? Some say yes and some say no.. and some say don’t know….. I have been to a summit in India where people were discussing only about ROI, before even considering social media as one of additional tool for marketing the brands.

Why do we always think about the benefits first before even planting trees. In my older posts, I had mentioned about the ROI in the internet advertising model, where CPC, CTR are all involved. Those days have gone. Many dot companies have earned a lot and they are still earning. But the entire business model is changing.  It is driving towards more realistic evidences than calculating the number of clicks. I don’t even know who clicked my Ad, whether the user is worth my product or not.

We all know the great internet jobs, “Sit at home and just click the ADs” and the money will be transferred to your respective accounts. I am sure in the near future all these activities will phase out and it will take a very realistic turn in the internet industry, where the marketers will pay for the activities which are really worth.

Many people are still misguiding the marketers, Brand managers by getting ROI (Return on Investment ) into picture for Social Media. Why do we still get into number of clicks, visitor statistics etc..  It is so evident that we are getting real conversations, real comments, and user written reviews on the products. Is that not enough!!!… Let us take the screenshots of the real conversations happening on social platforms and consider it as the real evidences towards our product. Is this logic so difficult to understand by any Internet Marketing  Professional ? I am sure it is a great attempt to misguide the Brands and their associated people.

But things are pretty clear nowadays. As Social Media is evolving, things are drastically changing in India Markets, where more and more people getting inclined towards Social Media Marketing.

As they feel that there is no better platform available. But good things always come with great responsibilities.  We need to be more serious and sincere in our conversations. Be more transparent, be more open minded in sharing information. Try pushing your brand to people directly and then rest assured, if dealt sincerely. Rest people will push your brand across the world. This is the mantra of Social Media.

Its like “Jo Dar Gaya, Samjho Mar Gaya”. So dont fear, just reply….and talk to people…