Proprietary Presence Vs Social Presence

February 9, 2009

Recently, I did a close comparison between proprietary tools  and Social Tools available. Now this might sound little confusing. Let me clear this fact. Proprietary tools means having your own site and having your own social features available on your site such as Hindustan Lever having Blogging, Video sharing and community features on their site. In this way they think they can grab the same amount of users to their website, just like all other popular tools available such as Facebook, Orkut, You tube, WordPress, Blogger etc.  The logic behind this is great, but it does not work at all. Many clients featuring all these possibilities on their site anticipate tremendous traffic to their site. But this is not the fact at all. It never works like that.   The clear difference is Proprietor y presence does not have the general identity which other social tools have. Its like knowing a company’s website and knowing Yahoo is considered to be a landmark, anything published on it has a global reach. So the presence can be considered as a landmark. It also depends what kind of approach Yahoo had towards users and what they offered. Most of the people are glued to this presence.

Recently, I had a chat with one of my client who thinks that they had provided all necessary social platforms on their site and does not feel the need of using other popular social media presence to add more traffic to their site.  Well I don’t see any clear reason to why one should not use other Social Media platforms. In fact, my recommendation would be not spending any money building Social features on an individual company site and use other popular social platforms to drive the traffic to the site. Users want to meet up at a common place. There are 1000’s of places where people discuss and meet online. Yes.. But a website is compulsory….. there cannot be any replacement to it.

A simple example :

Knowing a destination like Gateway of India and knowing an address of a Corporate office, are two different things.  Even if a corporate office has everything as Gateway of India has, people will still go for Gateway of India, because everybody knows about it from ages. It is a Landmark !

Similarly, it is just not advisable to maintain proprietary tools and expect tons of traffic to their site. One must have a clear and a strong presence on general online presence, because they are already established and people have accepted it, because the motive behind is to just connect people and not promote an individual business. Whereas, a proprietary online presence is focused to only promote and talk about specific business. Though a proprietary presence may have tons of traffic, but there is no credibility of the traffic. Most of the traffic is driven through Google Ads, Search Engine techniques and it is been rated on the statistics. Nowadays, statistics is not just everything. One cannot decide the credibility of the information through number of page visits. What about credibility of information, how can statistics define a particular visitor of the site is willing to know about a company’s business or their communications. But all this is possible at the available Social Tools. They are designed and developed only to know about this particular intention of a user.

Online statistics can been a good beginning to rate a website ROI, but in the long run, it fades out and the traffic depends on the quality of information and not just quantity of information

One more example:

A contestant dancing in his room and a contestant dancing on a stage has a clear and logical answer to the above disucssion. No one would go to his room and watch him, until he or she comes on a global platform.


6 Responses to “Proprietary Presence Vs Social Presence”

  1. priyanka Says:

    i have 2 points.
    1. a site like facebook became landmark in abt a year it is not like yahoo who has been around for so many years!!
    So why can a propriety site become a landmark if it is informal enuff?

    2. Have you studied US trends. How is it over there cause I have seen the Sun blog community and DEll blog community they have loads of traffic so have propriety sites become landmark in the US??

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      Good Question.

      Well this area falls under a concept in SEO i.e Authority sites. The Facebook becoming popular in a year is pretty obvious because of its strategic tie-ups with many other sites. And it also offers what a user would expect from without any commercial expectations. Moreover, it also upgraded its technologies keeping users activity in mind. They have monitored it and then came up with better interactive tools. In this case, they were initiators and not the followers. Yahoo is a portal, and it caters to a diverse activities, yes it very much popular and its focus is very different. In fact they did not upgrade themselves as per to the country’s requirement. But it is still doing very good. Yahoo still stands second after Google in Search Engine Marketing.

      What i meant in my post was, in such a competitive era, we cannot think of developing Facebook & Yahoo again. As it will take lot of time to get popular. If the DOT COM companies are popular, just because that’s the only job they have, and that is why they are focused. Take an example of Sunsilk Gang of Girls, initially it created a rave. Did anyone bother to keep that concept up and running.. No…, there are many broken links and not much activities are done.

      Yes i am aware of Sun & Dell too. Again, they know the importance of the online presence, hence they spend more time on evolving the tools and provide the content which a user would also look for. They set their goals and objectives before initiating their program, and they adhere to it, till they achieve, and moreover, as i mentioned SEO is an integral part of any Digital Program, and it is all about off page optimization techniques which gets your asset popular and drive immense traffic. Such as Link Exchanges, Affiliate Marketing, Contextual Marketing, Article marketing and many more. They would have surely put in efforts in getting it popular. But again it caters to the niche Audience and not anyone and everyone.

      But for everything, the content and approach is very important. Now there is a question, how many companies in India do maintain the the digital activities throughout. And developing similar tools such as Social Networking, Forums etc on a corporate site, is worth, if it is not maintained further? Ultimately what matters is the activities which you perform regularly and not the technology which you establish.

  2. priyanka Says:

    hmm yea i agree with that Indian companies wanna get into stuf without knowing what it takes.
    Also I think with US companies they already have a bunch of employees with an online presence so they an easily blog for company etc.. while in India few employees know of blogging, social networking etc…

    I also came across one P&G portal I dunno if you know abt it

  3. Bhanu Says:

    I just had a look… well its just a Microsite, and an online marketing effort to promote the brand whisper. 🙂

  4. Terrill Says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

  5. Thank You For keeping it on point and on topic –

    Best Regards

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