Network, Network Network – is the only way of Marketing your Product

January 16, 2009

I sometimes do realize that we are seeing something we have already seen before, but at that time we never liked it as we always felt that it was not made for us.  I am talking about Simple Network marketing. I still remember when my friends use to call me for some interesting seminars and that use to turn out to be Amway or Quantum. I always use to runaway from these schemes of Network marketing such you become a member and then you bring 10 friends in the circle and it goes on like that. Of course,  it was one of the first concepts of Network Marketing.


We are still in the similar circle. We see so many Social Networking Sites evolving day by day getting more and more flexibility and user convenient features to add more value for interactions and conversations.

I have a very bad habit of relating every knowledge related thing to real life examples. I think that’s the way i perceive and understand it best.  As a Digital Marketing Professional i think its very important that one should always start relate these technical platforms with real life examples, because that’s how they are evolved.  All the technologies what we see in our day to day life are evolved from a human’s perspective. We want it to work that way to help in our daily needs.

Everything we see now is all evolved from our thoughts. J Just like Shivsena Shakha (Shivsena branches) having their individual networks across the state, to spread the message easily. Sorry, for Shivsena, as it is one always on our Mumbaikars mind. Just like a company having their chain of Distributors, Retailers and stockists. They do help selling the product at their individual networks.

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Similarly every single human will have his own network, like me having my friends and my friends having their own friends and the chain goes on. Such a long influential network.  We have never thought like this before.

All that matters is every individual in the web network. Thanks for all these Networking Platforms which helps an individual to raise his voice, opinion across the web and also out of the web. Many times I end up debating with my friends, clients and my colleagues. We always update new figures of users who are active online. Every year we keep updating it. But we are just not talking about people who are online.

For Eg:

Say out of 100 people only 35 people are online, but one forgets that these 35 people who get influenced on web influence other remaining 75 people who are not present online, so one cannot say that Digital Marketing or online network marketing cannot drive the marketing campaigning completely. Though it might not affect the rest 75 completely but it surely affects at least 40 people out of 75.

Well its difficult sometimes to trace the people outside the internet world to find out the effect of  our marketing campaign but its so simple to understand and there is a clear logic to it.

Its just a paperless platform we are using nothing else.


4 Responses to “Network, Network Network – is the only way of Marketing your Product”

  1. anaggh Says:

    E.G. is a little incorrect by way of calculation methinks. Anyway say 15% are online. And rather than they influencing, most of the time it is the balance 85% who influences them more. Whilst the online presence is improving, but how many brands, sub brands are really concentrating to grow it?

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      Totally agreed sir.
      The percentage of people in India has grown up to 25 to 30%. And i just gave an example. There was a logic behind it. Nowadays you must have realised that for any information we need, we totally rely on search engines to provide us actual information.

      Being a Digital marketing professional, I have come across many brands who are taking online marketing very seriously, especially Online reputation of a brand or an identity, Online presence etc. It really matters to them nowadays. Moreover they know that it is a democratic platform for people to express their opinions on it.
      So they can’t afford to ignore this platform as most of the media is also getting dependent on the information posted on it.

      If you have observed in many Indian News pulblications, the media has started picking up information from the online content and publishing it with credentials. For eg: in Mumbai Mirror, there is column – bloggers park. You can find media using the actual blog posts there. It means it really matter now… to everybody, who writes and who talks about whom.

      And all this has started in past 6 to 8 months, which no one has expected.

      Moreover, the number of people using internet is growing everyday, so its very difficult to define anything with the printed statistical report. I believe, one has to get involved to see how things evolve on daily basis or weekly basis.

  2. Hi, I came here via Shobhaa’s blog. You have an interesting subject addressed here. How ever for some reason the information that you are trying to give is getting lost. Pl write content in a direct way. It’s far too coversationalist.
    Can I ask a few questions on blogging?

    How can you get a complete list of blogs ? or is it impossible? I have been blogging for 7 months now, and feel that Indian bloggers are still trying to find their footings, whereas our western bloggers are already marching way ahed. The blogworld itself has its own sheres and members in US.

    Do you think we can address similar issues on blogs with the whole world even though our social systems, cultures and customs are different?
    what’s the use of a WWW site ?

    • Bhanuprakash Says:

      @ introspection……hi…one has to have little technical background. Yes my articles have a touch of conversationalist. But there are so many facts supporting one single idea or an approach. It needs to be that way, coz you add so many different perspectives to it. I request you to read my articles from the beginning. If you still feel the same, then i would request you to add little more basics to your current knowledge.

      I am a social media consultant and this is how i foresee it. Hence i still try my best to make it simple.. I hope it cannot be further simple.

      Your questions are not at all specific. If you are asking for a list of blogs, it certainly has some categories and other parameters.

      As you might very well know, what is a blog. Its a personal diary, but it is publicly available in the search engines. Hence it has tremendous reach to everyone. The answer to your question have already been addressed, in explaining how a blog functions and positioned. Its up to you whatever you want to write.

      To be more clear.. yes you can communicate to the world whatever you want to.. Its all your choice. There are readers to every topic and every information. So.. All the best.

      Do let me know if you need anything else…

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