Targeted Vs Non Targeted Marketing

December 26, 2008

In olden days, traditional advertising via newspapers, magazines, radio, television and direct mail were the only ways to communicate with the end users.

But the problem with these Medias was that, they were never focused and hence could not achieve targeted buyer/customers for any business. Yes print advertising, electronic advertising is still crucial for mega brands and it still works for these bigger brands.

However, for millions of other organizations, for the rest of us who are professionals, musicians, artists, nonprofit organizations, churches, and niche product companies, traditional advertising is generally so wide and broad that it is ineffective. Big media advertising buys may work for products with mass appeal and wide distribution. Famous brands are carried out in national chain stores and blockbuster movies shown on thousands of screens achieve targeted sales  🙂

Accept for few selective brands, today people no more rely on these communications. These communications are treated as an interruption in their daily routine work. There has been a significant disagreement in using web as a medium to communicate with the consumers. Lot of companies, organizations do ask how can achieve sales, how do we come to know that the communication is working for their company or brand. OKAY… I have a very good answer with a question attached to it. How can company measure sales out of using traditional advertising methods? Is there a report on it? Is there any record of how many people has seen the ad or how many people have responded to it.? There is a no answer or no proven method to find it all. Yes there are few services which actually provide you some market survey reports through which an assumption can be built to plan the future marketing communications. But yes there are many ways to find out the statistics online. Even responses at geographical locations can be traced out.

Hence the web comes into the picture to create a new dimension and perspective to the marketing communications. In fact smarter organizations should develop relationships directly with the consumers. Now, that actually works for any organization. Just imagine how about an organization directly responding to the consumers queries and actually solving it out for them. Imagine the kind of brand loyalty  & relationship and  organization would develop in the market with the consumers. None of the brands will have a bad phase even in their marketing tenure.  Selling anything would be easier. At the same time every company will achieve a targeted market for future communications. Since it is permission based marketing only those people would respond to the communications who really need a particular service. This might be little time consuming but it saves a lot of money and time for future marketing programs.

The web has changed all the old rules of Marketing and communications towards the consumers. There is a saying “Every time we come up with a new way of reaching our consumers is by breaking the old rules of marketing”

So let’s not see others doing it first. Lets be the first to do it… That’s the sign of a pioneer and a smart marketer.

And its no more a seller’s market… It’s a buyers market now………….


One Response to “Targeted Vs Non Targeted Marketing”

  1. Sudhindra Says:

    I completely agree with you, Actually, with Targetted Marketing, Social media can also help in reducing the costs. And why to waste money on the non targeted consumers. . But still How many targeted consumers are online? Thats the main reason why the traditional methods are still very much in demand, and unwillingly we have to use non targeted media.

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